lets spin off

we will explore node-red with mqtt and kafka with simple working example

node red by default will be running the mqtt broker on port 1883.
1. mqtt-in as shown in the above will subscribe to topic/test and push to kafka producer.

lets explore kafka

start zookeeper

> cd bin\windows
> zookeeper-server-start.bat ..\..\config\zookeeper.properties

start kafkaserver

> cd bin\windows
> kafka-server-start.bat ..\..\config\server.properties

what are source and sink connectors ?

→ source connectors pull data from an external system ( the source ) and write it to kafka-topics

→ sink connectors read data from…

lets kick in

we will be using node-red , influxdb and grafana for this cool Time Series based project.
well lets have a small explanation of these tools…


It's a Browser based editor and programming tool for wiring together hardware devices.


its a time series database optimized for…

deploying pod from k8 plugin jenkins

start minikube

$ minikube start --bootstrapper=localkube --cpus 4 --memory 8192 
$ kubectl get pods --show-labels
$ minikube ip
$ kubectl get events --watch
$ kubectl get -a pods --watch

jenkinsfile pipeline script

inheritFrom: 'default',
nodeSelector: 'kubernetes.io/hostname=minikube'…

lets spinoff… Part - I

this image pretty much explains everything…

IMAGE II — [source: DZONE ]


python3.x ( pip install bottle pact-python )
consumer application = that generates the pact file (build_test.py)
provider application = that verifies the generated pact.


|_ log…

lets spinoff…

what is Elastic Beanstalk ?

Just how Kubernetes is an Orchestration tool for Containers,
Elastic Beanstalk is an Orchestration Service for other
AWS Resources like-
EC2, S3, ELB, Notification Services ,etc...

lets start with an Example

1. Create Application in EBS
2. Provide Application Name : ex: docker-demo
3. Provide…

lets spinoff….


DockerToolBox ( docker-compose, docker-machine )
AWS account ( free-tier works )

Aws Credentials
get the key pair from the aws or create one in aws Resources

$ vim ~/.aws/credentials[default]
aws_access_key_id = **************Z3NVPP
aws_secret_access_key = ************T3Fyu7

Spin off docker-machine with aws driver

— make sure to create…

let’s go


ubuntu 18.04

Setup environment
ssh into the virtualbox running ubuntu 18.04 using cygwin/gitbash

$ pip3 install boto boto3
$ pip3 install awscli
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install ansible

create IAM user

create IAM user


now or never

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